In a memory of a lost moment of loss

Life passes by us ….

Or we pass it by ….

Within the calculations of losses and gains,

Only those that are assigned with humanity only remains

The loss or gain of a human being

While it is all within a range of a moment

An instant …

Yet in life’s losses and gains,

The moment in loss is eternal .

We may recover from the pan of death

But not from the pain that is left

From a person who died in our lives and still moves around

A person who was a moment back an eternity

and a moment in a passing stranger …

A pain in loss of a moment that cannot be healed

And refuses to move out from that moment


The pain in seeing someone who was in a moment the center of your life

And in a moment becomes a diffusion of life


There is pain in such loss….

That remains bitter no matter how sweet moments life continue to grant ..

A moment of a forced letting go …

That never let go of you …


In a memory of a lost moment of loss


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