It is one time in life

When I feel my heart with an overflow

A flow of emotions that swim safely

As in a running river with a soft stream

Overflowing in a spring that becomes a magical waterfall

Rainbows are formed

And golden rays of sunshine

Droplets in pearls

And birds dancing in a harmonious dance

And waves perform with joy

The sky becomes the limit

To a continuous overflow

Of my emotions

When I think of you

You pass my mind

Each instant in a moment

And I find myself overflown

With a smile that fills my face

A state of stupidity with absolute surrendering and joy

My eyes dance and glow of happiness shines

Ridiculous I say to my overflowing emotions

And I surrender happily with another smile

You are in love I whisper to my emotions in an overflowing mode

I am in love I tell myself back

And I find myself overflown with my emotions and soul

Embracing love

Driven by the flow of a running river with a magical flow

Flow of love

That touched my heart

When I met you…

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