A disastrous end ..the story of the PA

The internal situation is going towards a definite explosion in the Palestinian street. It could be by all definition the worse case for the PA and the Palestinian people.

I do believe that we are standing on the verge of a revolution as people. This time, it is inevitable, unless Israel makes a move to save the PA.

While we are living a life of daily attacks and killing, within a context that death of youngsters and corpses laid on the street bleeding is just becoming another typical scene. Like the checkpoint, the separation walls … the daily killings of alleged stabbing or whatever.

It is a historic moment in the life of Palestinian people. A time when the occupation is no longer the only oppressive component in life under occupation. An oppression that is equally practiced on the people from the occupier and the guardians of that occupying power.

This deterioration amid the ongoing oppression is almost impossible to believe. But yet it is happening. And like those dominoes pieces in a raw, everything is falling in a quick, systematic fall.

The PA managed to survive especially in the last years, within the absence of the rule of law that is primarily represented by conducting elections, through the continuous oppression of the occupation. People tend to shut up in front of the bigger tragedies of life.

How could we revolt against the government when Israeli forces kill our children and continue to humiliate our existence in every single manner and given opportunity?

But they didn’t seem to get it … corruption turned into what defined this PA. As if drowning into an ocean of corruption. They stopped realizing where the limits are. They treated the population as if they are given and the salary of the end of the month will make them shut down and off forever. The salary that they can barely get, and when getting cannot even cover basic life expenses.

A population that is targeted by occupation, as if their soldiers are on hunting seasons to get Palestinians down. And a government (temporary of course) that is getting richer and richer. I mean those who represent it. Ministers, high officials, faction’s leaders, etc. while the population is starving and dying.

We got to a level where this actually became the situation. People are starving and dying. And a government flourishing in corruption.

During the cold wave of last month, families and schools administrations asked for improvement in the situation of schools. Someone from the ministry came out and said that cold weather actually helps students internalize the temperature and later start recreating the energy and then get warm. This man was dangerous!!!!!

The minister came out with his God knows how many thousands of dollars suit and convoy of a government parade to say that we should look at the bright side. They are signing contracts in millions with donor country to improve education, and we should understand that the PA is going through a hard time and of course we are under occupation.

This same scenario can be applied to every single other ministry within its capacity.

When the announcement on the promotions took place, those who backed the idea said it was their right to be promoted. Well, just tell us where we are standing.

The appointments of ambassadors who are sons and daughters of faction’s \high officials were also expected to pass without a fuss.

The leaks on the God only knows how many documents of exchanges between staff and ministries on asking for benefits that included school tuition in extremely expensive schools outside the country, to traveling coverage went with no real outburst.

People got used to criticizing in small voices on coffee shops.

When the eruption of the ongoing intifada started, the PA barely managed to contain its suppressive acts against people by stopping the outrage that took over the streets.

But slowly, the acts of suppression started to reveal it, until what we are daily experiencing from arresting and suppressing of freedom of expression. The security forces are behaving like police state objects of typical dictatorships.

What has been happening since months are just increasing, jailing people from writers to activists? The indirect threatening to scare people off and the direct ones.

But last week protest of teachers was definitely an unexpected outburst from the government of course.

What?? They also don’t want people to protest?

I am writing this, and I feel in a state of disbelief. It is not that they surprised me. But it is that I really cannot believe that they are this stupid.

I do understand that this is a natural consequence of such a situation. When ministers and governments are appointed without legitimacy. This is only natural. These people find themselves suddenly becoming important. They believe that they are as worth as that position.

The prime minister forgot that he is appointed just for an interim period of six months to make reconciliation. Well. We understand that everything her is interim, temporarily and waiting for the end of occupation and Fateh has reconciliation. But let’s say the man got overwhelmed…

He represents the education sector. He is even still carrying the position of the president of a university. Of course, it is illegal. But who is talking about law here? When everything is illegitimate, another illegal act will not make a difference

This scene of trying to prohibit a protest of the teacher in front of a prime minister office who is a teacher himself, and not only this but taking protesters to jail. Restricting movement on people so that they cannot join the protest, and giving drivers fines for transporting teachers to the place of the protest, and putting checkpoints between cities so that people cannot reach.

How much is the salary of the Palestinian teacher? Something that swings in the range of two thousand shekels (500 dollars). An amount that can barely allow this teacher to reach school and buy food for his day. In a place where the prime minister himself uses a convoy to move every day that causes this country much more that 2000 shekels each time he steps.

And when an avalanche is an inevitable result … Only more bad news can erupt.

Yesterday’s “murder,” “assassination” whatever it may be called is another landmark in the disastrous situation of this PA.

The fact that Palestinians actually find more safety in Israel suppressive system that includes prison, than that security that Palestinian apparatus can provide is a disaster.

Al Qiq , the journalist who has been on a hunger strike for the last ninety days finally won his battle against injustice within the Israeli system that is made to get rid of him , while Omar Nayef, who took refuge in the Palestinian embassy was found killed in the courtyard of Palestinian so-called safe zone of international boundaries…


  1. It is indeed a pity a great soul such as yours must live in such a situation, yet, your strength of spirit is clear as it prompts you to such sharp, incisive reasoning, and in your insistence on writing what you see and understand, in spite of all their attempts to suppress you….

    Stay safe as you may, sister, and know you are not alone in your outrage and confusion; the world will soon be in flames everywhere, as the ever-present gap between the predator humans, and the rest of the species, continues to widen…

    Be well, and, thank you for your words of strength in the midst of oppression.

    Love is the answer; laughter is the best weapon…


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