A revolution is coming

The massive protests of teachers today only send one message: this government is a total catastrophe.
These people have crossed all the lines of legitimacy in their presence today. And of course no one in that government or the whole body that forms the Palestinian authority that sees this.
We Palestinians are resilient and patient people. It is a way of living I think. Getting people to go out to the street with such massive numbers is a work of a genius in this government.
We are talking about a population that is killed every day under occupation measures from one side and witness corruption that is drowning a whole nation in its empty holes to a level where nothing is left except a scream in a voice of a protest.
People are practically starving. What the government is doing to find a solution is, of course, denying that anything is happening. For the whole month now, the teachers have been on strikes. Tens of thousands of students are not going to school. And what is the prime minister saying? It is a conspiracy against him. What solution did any of those too many policies and decision making from all directions are offering? Imposing a state of fragmentation within the society. Implementing effective measures/ putting checkpoints. Threatening teachers. Using mosques as ways of urging people to rebel against the teachers. The ministry of education has turned into an intelligence force against teaching staff, where teachers are called and threatened. Replacements of teachers were suggested. Some people came out to say that the president has nothing to do with this. Of course, he doesn’t have anything to do with this. The president is in another universe. I think he believes he is running another state. I completely understand him I have to say. Who wants to be a president of a stateless state?
The deterioration of the situation and what is following it is a striking indicator of the failure of this government.
It is, of course, normal since every person comes to power and transforms the whole concept of nation building into a single structure of his throne. They create a legacy of themselves, to themselves and they behave as if the people are there to serve them. We become their inherited properties.
This constant abuse of the nation can only have a consequence as such of today.
The stories that we hear about the restrictions and the threats, aside from all those grounding embarrassing statements from those who claim power are too shameful from one side and continue to prove that these people can no longer be there.
There is this issue that these people are not chosen by the people. We didn’t want this government, which is officially temporarily and with a formal framework as a technocratic government that will ensure the elections. It came to stay forever. Exactly like everything else.
I don’t know if it is worth to keep calling for the president to interfere. To do something to save the situation before it goes into more destruction.
I admit that the massive protests of today gave me a breeze of hope. This nation is alive. And no measures for oppression and restrictions (and sadly I don’t refer to occupation here) can stop them.
This nation is alive with its people not its leaders.


  1. Be strong and patient, my lady, as you have already proven to be; I believe you are right. Massive changes (revolution, after all, merely means ‘change’…) are coming, to Palestine, and to the entire world, sooner than anyone in any government believes, or will admit to…. There are seven billions of us, too many for the few to even comprehend, and we are all tired of their lies….


    Love is our only hope for strength against them….that and the truth.


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