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    When tears have dried up from overuse and you can no longer even laugh darkly at the insanity – rage become even easier to trigger. Then the circle of fear and hate can overcome – pull in – the most peaceful Palestinians and Israelis -The author is amazing in that she can still write/talk with reason and compassion.

  2. There is Righteousness in Anger……
    when used correctly it’s a gift that can inspire us to right the injustices of the world.

    Pono is a Hawaiian word commonly rendered as “righteousness”. For instance, the Hawaii state motto:
    Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono ….or
    “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”.
    The word has strong cultural and spiritual connotations of “a state of harmony or balance”, and is the aim of the Hoʻoponopono practice.
    Pono is often used as in affirmative prayers, especially within Kanaka Maoli healing arts and the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.

    So, let go of Rage …..

    Anger is not meant to soothe me, or alleviate my boredom, or make me feel better about myself. It is a gift that ought to inspire me to do the things that the world needs, such that I can.
    An anger that is truly righteous……..
    can move mountains.
    Thank you Nadia.

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