Gaza . Resilience…(culture and free thought association… An example)

Have I mentioned the word resilience enough? In Khan Younis, there is a center called culture and free thought association, a hub for youth and marginalized, disabled, children, women … A real reflection of what resilience may indeed mean. How people work towards the rebuilding of their lives. No option but survival. Moreover, living in the best way possible is the sentence I heard from one group to another. The work as such is like a snowball; it keeps rolling and moving and growing … No limit to the urge of life they carry. The group of women with the niqab are from ( mawashi) being there and holding the notion of ‘awareness and development’ and ‘ let’s create energy from disability’ is their initiative they insist on working on, a 22 with facial deformation young woman ( with the victory  signal in the photo) has a dream of making a beauty center . She learned facial art ( make-up) training, and. Now she wants to train other women so that they can have a center ( in that slum). One of them wants a gym that she runs. How they insist on dreaming despite their possible nightmare of living was so inspiring. The neighborhood youth next to the center decided that they want to have their road of the area appealing to the center, so they started painting the interfaces of the neighborhood with white and blue with poetry verses around and a photo gallery. A group of girls just finished their exhibition of wood art with an amazingly beautiful Carpenter (iPad). Inspiring by all means. A group of young men and an electrician started an initiative on battery recharging installations so that they help avoid the tragedies that result in candle lightings in caravans. Deaf youth have begun their online radio station. Music, creative writing, arts, and much more….. Seeing such a place, with such devoted people who believe that change can happen. That each one of these young lives is the change agents of the ongoing reality. That living well is not going to be jeopardized by occupation or patriarchal system or poverty or destruction. It feels like seeing a plan blossoming in the heart of the destruction.

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