Gaza resilience( mawasi… A failure of humanity )

Somewhere, between north and south Gaza exists an area called Mawasi…part of the One-third of Gaza geographical land that was ‘dropped’ by mistake and given to Israel during Oslo by ‘mistake.’ Since the disengagement of 2005, a tribe named Tarabin became part of the marginalized marginalization of their existence. They were enslaved by settlements first to end up in a no life zone. In the last aggression on Gaza, the people of this area were displaced from slums to shelters, to go back to their de-slummed places poorer and just more miserable. I pretend that I encountered some awkward scenes in my life. No words can describe the misery of the tragedy that is ongoing there. Total dis-belonging or actual existence. They literally live worse than animals. The government doesn’t even bother to consider them and surrounded by strong patriarchal cleanish tribal traditions. High disabilities and deformation as the result of blood marriages. No horizons…The situation is too desperate to be attractive to donors .i couldn’t take pictures that can say how harsh life can be.I was so shocked I just get ridiculous to think of taking a photo .. Hearing and seeing was way beyond what I thought actually exist. I hope these can reflect .some of the photos are inside an actual’ ‘house,’ u can see a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom!!!!! I also avoided and refused to take pictures of people inside … It was too vulnerable too sad too embarrassing to know that people can still live this way


  1. Fascinating post…the world needs to know of this…there is no need for this to ever have happened….thanx for bringing it to my attention….chuq

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