Incoherence…a way to live

While scrolling the internet in an attempt to find some news, I made a stop at Maan News, one of the Palestinian maybe mainstream, or principal or alternative, or any possible news source. Today, it is hard, or impossible to determine whom does a certain news \journalist\media source belong to. Everyone is a mainstream, everyone is opposition, and everyone is FREE.

Anyway, I realized that there is a French initiative for peace in the air and an Egyptian initiative for peace in the air. Of course, one, I assume stresses or prioritize peace among Palestinians (Fatah and Hamas). Then there was of course news on how Israel I mad about this French peace initiative, and Fatah and Hamas are not taking peace among them seriously, but of course, they take the Egyptians seriously. Then there was something interesting, Herzog-Abbas “secret” initiative. I have to stay this made me stop. I wasted my time reading the article; I have also to admit that I do not trust Palestinian resources when it comes to news. What made this article resourceful is that it is taken from an Israeli main media source. Of course, you cannot also trust reading it in Arabic regardless of the source, because it is adapted to what they want the Palestinian to know. Of course, also, I did not bother to go to the Israeli source, because the whole Abbas Herzog thing does not amuse me. Not because I am not interested in a solution, but because Herzog is not a person to be trusted, like all Israeli leaders, and Abbas, is swimming in the ocean naked with a luxurious yacht that lost its engine.

Herzog according to the “secret” deal, that he announced was not a secret offered a 100% of the west bank and 4% of land exchange ( this could mean that he offered a 104%), this includes Jerusalem “Arab neighborhoods” . of course there is nothing to discuss here in this “rubbish” of a news. What lightened my read was Herzog’s response, when he said that he does not need to do anything in secret when he believes that the two people should be separated. This is of course not my amusement part of course. He wants to come and say this in the Palestinian Parliament! The poor Herzog does not seem to be following up on the Palestinian news.

Just to keep my cynical mood on, there was another title that caught my attention; of course, it was enough for me to get the satisfaction of not bothering to read to keep my sanity in place. The president (our) Abbas has no problem meeting with Lieberman if he agrees with the “concept” of the two-state solution.

My problem here is multi-folded. I sometimes have the impression that President Abbas thinks or believes that is power is in his “meetings” to Israelis. As if each time he is “ready” or “willing” to meet or sit with an Israeli, Israel will get itself in a revolutionary act of liking or rebelling. Somebody convinced him that Israelis starting from his or her president to a bartender are just busy and holding their lives onto his meetings. Then there he is, opening the Muqataa like a great area, where you visit the president and take a picture with him. This is real by the way. You enter there, someone comes to take a picture, and when you leave that, someone gives you a photo with the signature of the president with you. Like in Disney land.

While all this nonsense insists on taking place, a 15-year-old was shot dead by Israeli soldiers yesterday, and they announced “in vain” that it was a mistake. Of course, this is no news for our government. Issues that are more important are news for them. Israel is not allowing a “Fateh leader” (no need to mention the name, because we are a nation of leaders) to enter the Aqsa to pray. This is news!

The news is that our prime minister visits the Aqsa with a Jordanian coordination! Honestly, this is news. However, there is no place for comments.

News also is, the heated discussion on Facebook and social media rooms about Egged buses providing “free” transportation to praying west bankers on Friday. The problem now is about the Palestinian bus service who use people in asking for a forced paid two-way ticket with a total of 12 shekels from people. The “poor” people can save this “huge” amount of abuse in paying to a bus by going on the Israeli bus that “kindly” provide services free. NO ONE IS DISCUSSING why Israel would provide free bus services in Ramadan. Israel is kind. The same Israel that the same people who are waging attacks on the Palestinian bus company campaign for BDS movement. The same individuals who call Israel a criminal for the killing, the imprisonment, detention, oppression, humiliation of Palestinians on a daily basis.

PS: six shekels is the usual rate of the ride from Qalandia to the old city (per way).

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