Gaza …a place where miracles are created

Each time I enter to Gaza, I feel overwhelmed with dealing with my emotions . It feels as if I am carried away in a fantastic trip. It is not about the space, whether the massiveness of what destruction continues to do to everything that can be linked to living. It is not as well about the sense of traditional climate that characterizes the area. It is not what can be done or not. How the place and whoever runs it handle it … it is one of the unique places around the universe that the people force on you their story . it is a place that is so overwhelmed with its population. It is so amazingly impressive on all level that makes you only keep gazing in disbelief.

The amount of resilience every single person seem to be equipped with. The nonstop energy in every direction you move makes you think if Gazans have a specific DNA that gives them such enormous power …

Resilience, energy and somehow amid this all …CREATIVITY.

Each time I meet people who work in the CFTA in Khan Younis I get a sense of belief I honestly seem to continue to lose along our path as Palestinians. IF Palestinians are about people like these, I understand why one might say we are people who cannot be beaten.

And if you think creativity is in one place… you walk a bit further, and you meet a group of young people initiating you tube channel with hilarious series of displacements and caravans with CIVITAS.

And then there was me, the ALL in LOVE with HERSELF eXciTED Writer …. launching my book … I even became creative doing FLYING readings everywhere I went.

Gaza is a miracle … that insist on being like that with the waves and the sea.

Maybe the photos can say what my words cannot describe


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