Fateh 7th Convention : A horrific turnover

In a few days, Fateh will hold it’s the seventh convention in the Muqata’a Ramallah. A topic that the non-Arab or non-Palestinians do not realize or think is something out of normality. A political party convening for elections …
In the history of more than six decades of Fateh, one would realize that getting to the state of a convention seems to happen or succeed to take place almost once a decade.
Well, we as an authority have failed to run an election for the last ten years, so this also should not create a surprise.
This time, and the emergency as well as the persistence to convene this convention are not related to the Palestinian people. Opppppps… I mean it is strictly related to Fateh… Not all Fateh of course. It is a Fateh of Abu Mazen strict affair.
As the whole world knows by now, that Not Hamas, Not Israel, is what sitting on Abu Mazen’s nerves and threatens his existence. It is Dahlan.
So, this convention is called and convened on this rapid speed, so that Abu Mazen recruits and assigns the new leadership of Fateh within a hundred percent guarantee that whoever is in Fateh is not Dahlan follower and of course is a faithful member of the Abbas tribe.
It is as well cynical, to state that, this seems all unfair to the enemy … DAHLAN in this case. Abu Mazen has insisted since the beginning of the rage against Dahlan after a reported incident to Abu Mazen that Dahlan spoke poorly about his sons. The Palestinians and the world know by now that Abu Mazen’s red line with restrictive flags is his son.
1400 person carefully selected to be part of the upcoming elections into the Fateh 7th convention, which was tested to be not Dahlan affiliated as a condition to participate. I have naively, as usual, felt surprised when I went through the list of people (mostly men) and realized that Fateh is assigning its population in every single sector of the Palestinian livelihood in the major positions, ministries, embassies, all unions, culture, politics, education, even sports. No wonder there is any places for people like me in this country. Even the current prime minister who is supposedly assigned in this (union) government because he is not a Fateh man. Everyone in the political and any decision-making area seems to be Fateh.
The worse part of what is taking place as a result of this convention is the creation of another major split in Fateh. From this moment on Fateh has gone into two. Fateh of the meeting of Abu Mazen, and Fateh of the Protestants of Dahlan.
As much as Dahlan is not perceived as a victim in the Palestinian street. For much Palestinian, he is paying the price of the entire fraction he caused in Gaza with all the accusations of bloodshed that surround him. He seems to be standing on a stronger and more attractive base than what he could have had before this convention and its attempt to be convened.
As the day to the conference is approaching, I will not also be surprised if Dahlan surprises us all with a surprise… but no matter what this surprise is, what is awaiting the Palestinian people as a result of this irresponsible act of power the president want to maintain to himself against the Dahlan, is disastrous. Dahlan is getting stronger in this and definitely with more sympathy from those who never supported him.
Some question will be answered shortly after the convention.
My curiosity is not about who is coming next and who will secure a seat in the Fateh Central and revolutionary forums. In the end, there is nothing new, and the same people who are running the same positions are re-nominating themselves. The only empty seats for discussions and a possible rotation are those whose owners left because of death or imminent death and those who were kicked out from Fateh by the president.
We are witnessing a new era in the Palestinian history, marked with black, in more fractions and a horrific split that will only bring disasters in the internal settings of the Fateh house.

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  1. Ma’am, I am only an outsider looking in so I know that I do not have the first hand knowledge that folks like you have. But, from the outside this is my thoughts on what I read from blogs and from your local media outlets. President Abbas will soon not be in power of the PA. He is trying through this convention to set up his legacy in keeping Fateh members in power after he is gone. The reason he canceled the elections back in October was because he knows that Hamas would have won. He also knows that if there was any chance that Fateh squeaked out a victory that Hamas was going to contest it through violence. Either way, Hamas will soon have control over the West Bank just like they took control of the Strip. With this convention President Abbas can leave the train wreck on his followers plate and not have it be on his personal watch. This is what I see from the outside looking in.

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