Aleppo and the split of hypocrisy 

Aleppo and the split of hypocrisy.

Cleansing Aleppo from the criminals of Da’esh, Nusra, and co. , should have been a reason to celebrate amid the mourning of hearts and lives of the damage and loss in Syria.
I do not have to say each time that I am not pro-Asad, and I would ever be on the side of dictatorships. However, here, in Syria specifically, it is not about dictatorships. In the end, we are into a situation that it is dictatorship vs. criminals. Moreover, dictatorship, in this case, should win. In the end, the Arab nations seem to be far from democracy. We are having a real problem in living with such notions. Democracies need liberated mindsets which we do not have. We still live in a tribal mindset that searches a head to attach to the body. In Syria, the attempt of getting rid of the dictatorship of Asad only brought criminals instead if bringing a rule that was supposed to replace the tyranny of a leader.
This is why if being against the rule of such criminals makes people like me pro-Asad, then I am.
The hypocrisy I am noticing now, versus the ignorance of us Arabs, is that of the west. Suddenly the West realized that Aleppo is destroyed and people are suffering and need to be saved from tyranny. Even Lieberman, the Nazi symbol of Zionism in Israel suddenly became a humanist and wanted to call for a U.N intervention in Syria.
On this occasion, I made a decision, to delete all my contacts on Facebook who support the presence of criminals such as Da’esh and Co in Syria.


  1. Excellent, as always; your analysis of why your culture is in conflict with the idea of democratic republicanism is masterly, and, absolutely true.

    I don’t support Asad either, but, agree with your preference for order over criminal anarchy; I don’t think any culture in our world is prepared yet for true anarchy, which requires each and every citizen to take personal responsibility for the welfare of all (many people don’t actually know what anarchy means; it gets a lot of bad press because they don’t…). But, that’s a discussion for another time.

    I know I don’t get to all your posts; you have amazing energy. But, I always enjoy it when I can…

    Be well, & keep safe


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