When betrayal becomes a perspective. So called Syrian opposition as an example

When betrayal becomes a perspective. So-called Syrian opposition as an example

When Naji al Ali (Handala) said this phrase some thirty years ago (I am afraid that one-day betrayal will be a perspective), it sounded weird, and of course, his end was not too many quotes later …
What is happening today under the name of the Syrian opposition got to this level that one looks at it with amazement … I have to say it is amazement because it is more of disbelief…
Syrians in Jerusalem under the hospitality of the Hebrew University (Truman institute). This seems way too much to believe…
After all. Until moments ago… a Syrian will shiver and turn pale and may decide not to talk to you if he smells an Israeli acquaintance with you.
So how come Israel is becoming the fostering godfather of Syrian oppositions. Or maybe I should rephrase my question: why did Israel come public with its support to the Syrian opposition?
Of course, I am not looking for my answers to why Israel is involved in the war on Syria, because it is all too obvious for me. What is not clear to me is how did Syrians get to this level?
The last thing I remember from Syrian opposition was a call for liberation from the oppression of the Assad regime. So Israel is the one that will help them liberate?
The invitation reads: “Representatives from the Syrian opposition speak directly to the Israeli audience on life in the shadow of death, on the refugees and Israel, on the massacre against the population, in the silence of the world. According to the invitation, the gathering will also feature a live video broadcast with opposition commanders and fighters in combat areas of Syria. The event is open to the public but requires advance registration.
I understand when Israel promotes itself to the west as the only democracy in the region. After all, Israel is a democracy to Israelis. This is true. But it can never be a democracy to Palestinians. What I cannot understand when Arabs in neighboring countries suddenly start seeing Israel as a sweet as the honey promised for the jews in the land without people. I do also understand that Arabs living under dictatorships is not a pleasant thing but let us think deeply in this. Is there an Arab democracy at all? Is there an Arab regime that is not oppressive to its people? I think after all this time and after our experience as Palestinian under the PA that Arab people call for dictatorships. Democracies are about people who strive for freedom, not about governments that grant privileges. I can complain until another decade on Arab dictatorships and regimes that I refuse and insist that we need to change. But I also believe that the systems cannot change as long as we Arabs live under fundamentalist tribal upbringing that lacks in the first place freedom of thinking. Freedom is a process of childhood that connects starting from home to school, to streets, to institutions, and to governments. In the end, all the dictatorships in the Arab world are a consequence of the Arab people.
But, when discussing Israel… the issue goes somewhere else. And entirely different and cannot be compared. Israel is a state of occupation. It is not a dictatorship that I as a Palestinian can change. It is a system that is there to ethnic cleansed. An approach that Israel has been systematically applying since its creation on Palestinians.
When I think of regimes that oppress their people, I can by no mean compare it with a system that is occupying another people. Because if you work on yourself as a nation, you can at some point get to a level where you can bring change to your regime. But you cannot bring change to a regime that is not part of you. A system that made its existence on yours.
As the image of Syrians hosted in the Hebrew university continue to flash in my memory, I cannot but feel ashamed… ashamed of humanity that has really lost its face.
When I see Israel suddenly becoming humanist when the people of Gaza who were displaced as the result of the fiercest aggression that humans can face, while these people in thousands are still displaced and actually freezing to death in the nakedness of the harshness of the aggression that never seems to end.
These same people refuse to see the children of Gaza, the displaced families. The poverty, the oppression that befell on them as a result, and decide that sons of Aleppo who the Assad regime has regained (mind you here … Assad regime is Syrian in Syria!!!), and host the opposition, and treat the fighters of Nusra (whom Israel in some occasions decide they are terrorists) then one cannot but say. This is a dirty face of evilness disguised in human shapes.
Should I remind us of what the Hebrew University did during the war on GAZA to the Palestinian students? Or to the support they showed to the army that was brutally and savagely killing Palestinian women and children ?
I am just disgusted with those Syrian so called opposition who not only destroyed Syria , but also destroyed the fabrics that was once made of Arab nationalism.
Somehow…. Somewhere deep in me …
I would not be surprised to see a day when Israel occupy the Arab world.. and when this happen , I may think.. well .. enjoy the democratic state of Israel …
Of course, then, we Palestinians will be consultants for the new paradigm !!!


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