From Dumb to dumber …. Trump Netanyahu’s gathering


From Dumb to Dumber …. Trump Netanyahu’s gathering

I could think of how pathetically funny it can go, and the world of politicians always surprises us. There was a time when we needed a great comedian with a picky sense of humor to get things out to this level of the moving scene that continues to unveil itself around the world. IF we thought Sissi was hilarious, Trump blew the lines of humor into an inadequate level of …. maybe being dumb.
You just need to watch this and put a bowl of popcorn next to you and keep rewinding with more jokes happening.
The pathetic sick side of this joke is Netanyahu he plays it around, taking a real advantage of the poor dumb Trump. I have to say I felt empathetic watching Trump mostly into his bad language. I don’t know how this man had this other macho narcissist abusive patriarchal power when he behaved like a cute, sweet boy in front of Baba Bibi. I don’t know if Bibi’s larger than his size suit was meant to give this impression of fatherly bullying.
Trump is switching from the world leader to the bullied boy, sweetly putting suggestions such as compromise, flexibility, they have to show that they want to have a deal …
Looking at one state and two states and he is willing to take whatever Bibi and the Palestinians will agree. He is willing to live in any of the states.
And then there is the monster Netanyahu lecturing on new discoveries “substance, not labels,” and the Jews name came from Judea… ok take Judea and leave the rest darling …. Uhhhhh
Regardless of what may lie behind all what we saw, Netanyahu was cracking in laughs from inside as he was amusingly enjoying Trump’s almost tedious repetition of his words on mischievous terrorist Palestinians and their textbook and of course their embedded hate. Trump was like a behaving schoolboy repeating his teacher’s words. But Netanyahu has such an evil endeavor that seems part of his in-depth built character. As Trump was struggling to prove how pro-Israeli he is, Netanyahu never saved an opportunity to feed what he wanted in the context of the political gains that he wanted to get out from that room .
We were watching a hundred percent show off a pure propaganda that both claimed they were fighting, or in the case of Trump, believing he realized and thus was willing to fight.
There is not much of any analysis here, I still think that Trump came into this business of being a president by a sheer joke, and he still does not know what it means. It is all part of the TV show he thinks he used to produce and he can now present. But the more one sees him, the more one can only realize that the man is clueless on certain issues, and when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli issue, he is clueless. He is filled with fox news propaganda, that will just make him as dumb as he already looks like. It is no longer about his charisma and his sexist jokes. It is real business of conflict where he has no idea what it is. He reminded me of Berlusconi arriving in Bethlehem and when asked about the wall, said which wall.
As much as it seems all to Netanyahu’s appetite to greediness. Trump may surprise us with his dumb reality in his real no clue about what is going on outside his capital empire. The deterioration that might be occurring will not be as a result of Trump’s lack of interest as well as knowledge, but a consequence result of the absence of a Palestinian leadership that can negotiate on a homeland, not on some benefits that secure its leadership existence.
Trump has said some things that are undoubtedly right about Netanyahu, such as being an excellent negotiator. Well, in a no state of negotiations in front of a negotiation team headed by the same man for more than two decades, of course, he cannot but be a great negotiator.

It is a whole new show …. Where no news will always be heading the news… with Trump bringing the world into a catastrophic pathetic humoristic end …





  1. Nadia,

    *Big grin* You nailed Trump in one shot, for sure. A reality show clown who believes his own bullshit, he reminds me perfectly of a quote by a famous American author, to wit: “His ignorance covers the world like a blanket, and there’s scarcely a hole in it anywhere.” — Mark Twain

    People, sadly, tend to forget clowns are often sad & pathetic, and scary in their oddness.

    As for Netanyahoo (spelling is deliberate; a private joke…), he is a professional politician, and, as such, can be regarded as clinically insane. People who end up as politicians at that level are, simply, liars by nature. It is a congenital flaw, common to all narcissist sociopaths, a psychopathic condition with which anyone who desires that much power can be clinically diagnosed…. He, and those of his ilk, remind me of this quote, with which I also strongly hold to be true..

    “I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” — H. L. Mencken

    The human tendency to engage in delusional behaviors, such as all religions and all governments promote, will, in my opinion, lead humanity to only one end, that of extinction as a species; I have renamed us, as Homo Suicidus….

    Religion, nationalism, and hierarchal thinking will be the death of us all, in the long run… and the run is getting shorter….

    Well said, milady. Keep your sense of humor and irony sharp; you will need them in coming years….

    gigoid. the dubious

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