The Assassination of Basel A’raj


You probably never heard this name before. I cannot say I haven’t. Last year, somewhere during this time, a group of young men disappeared in the Ramallah area and were found later by the Palestinian security forces, where they were held with them for more than six months without charges. No one knew anything about what happened. People were speculating, and rumors were spread more than details that could make any sense. The group was made of five or six young activists, and it was said that they attempted attack against Israel. Their disappearance was as strange as their arrest that ended finally after a public unrest after their hunger strike.

The rest of the story is not a surprise. The Palestinian security forces release them and weeks later, or months, Israeli troops arrest them one after the other. The only one that was unarrested and became wanted by the Israeli forces was Basel, who has been on the run since then… of course, who wants to end up in an Israeli jail?

I guess if he knew he would end up in a morgue fridge with a detained corpse he would have let his escape loose. Basel did not realize that he is not only living under Israeli occupation b ut also under an intelligence system operated by Palestinians who made sure he can be found and killed.

The details are not important. In the end, the stories repeat themselves, only the details change in a manner of spicing our words.

What is important is a question I asked myself when these young men were arrested and disappeared in the unknowingness of the Palestinian prisons.Today my question is basically on who is responsible for his killing.

how did the Israeli forces knew exactly where his location was?

Sadly, he was aware that he was going to get killed anyway. He wrote a Will … something that reminds us here in this hellish place of living, of the Will that Baha’ left not too long time ago. This man, however, knew that we people here, will not be up to his expectation as a dead man. How could anyone expect any good when he is dead from those who did not do him good alive.

Once… we were cursed with occupation … Today, we are cursed with an arm that is there inside us serving the occupation …

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