Destroyed villages ..remaining people


Ma’loul is among the hundreds of destroyed Palestinian villages in 1948. Sometimes, I am not sure to call myself privileged to be able to see such beautiful places and learn about a land that continues to be dispossessed from its people.

From Ma’loul to the next village Kafr Bir’em, another demolished village close to the borders of Lebanon. While the ruins of the houses and the churches in both villages mark an existence that refuses to go into ruins, there remains this real pain that never leaves those whose homes and lands were once there. Unlike the story of refugees, who only keep the memory of what used to be home and property. The people there were displaced in nearby localities.

The stories of Palestinian Na inside a life that is enslaved with occupation is a story of a catastrophe that wars did not end …. a story of people whose suffering continue in the aftermath and the ongoing surviving life under occupation.

People remain to witness what the crimes of occupation failed to hide.

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