Brutality of occupation 

My youngest daughter has been debating recently with us the value of peace with Israelis. She is a strong believer in peace and thinks that it is up to us to do this . In the series of the last week we have been going to the old city in solidarity with al Aqsa . She witnessed a brutal attack on one young boy after prayer by a group of angry soldiers and she freaked out thinking of how close it was to us getting shot in that instant . 

Today , as Jerusalemites flooded in celebration to the aqsa after opening it , she went with her brother and cousin. The soldiers were so mad and furious , they were hitting people from all directions and closed the mosque on people and started shooting sound and rubber bullets and beating with their rods and guns .Among all that was my son who was in the March who asked the soldier not touch the woman next to him , and the next thing that happened was my son being surrounded by a group of savages ​in uniform and started beating him . The cousin was hit in her face after being sexually harassed by the soldier who called her a bitch . My daughter who believed that Israelis have a civil face realized that occuaption has only one reality : built in hate . Such people don’t know what peace means.​



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