Taking an appointment at the MoI … 6 months is just a norm 

Today I made an appointment to renew my traveling document. 

I am slowly learning to become a wiser woman. My current travel document expires in June 2018. From a first insight it still sounds like a long time , until you realize that it means nothing at all if you think of traveling to egypt . In order to be able to enter egypt in my case I need a 12 months Valid document. Luckily , I realized this in July when I was planning my trip to egypt. I thought a few days wont really be an issue and for god sake it is a year ..

Anyway… The good relaxed citizen of this universe in me , decided to apply for a new one , after all, the new one will be for five years , and I should at some point soon go to egypt to sign my contract with the publisher for my new book . So I followed the new instructions that the ministry of interior (Israeli) imposed . Good news!!!! They do appointments now. 

Only those who experienced standing in line infront of that office can really understand or imagine what it means .it is an act of de-humanizing mixed with constant drops of humilIation and oppression . A real disgusting taste of occupation in a potion. 

But if somebody can be a naive even for an instant , cannot really think that the Israeli government decided to make our life easier . You take an appointment and stand in line. The difference is , that the appointment can be as far as six months . 

So I was kindly given an appointment for the 5th of February 2018.

Just think of what really happens when people are not in the luxury of time and no urgency like me. 

Can you imagine those who need crucial documents and procedures from this office ? 

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