From the Shadows of Men to the Roots of Human beings


After a year of publishing in the Shadows of Men, I was honored to present in in Haifa at Haifa’s Cultural Club. I have been introducing and discussing the book consecutively throughout the year, and I admit that each time the event was a new one, and inspiring by all means. This time, however, I was because I have been doing this for more than a year, I am about to publish my next book, and maybe this book has taken its portion of publicity in Palestine. I did not expect that this experience will make me in a whirlpool to the starting point. IT felt as if this book is being written by every person that reads it. It was such an honor to be presented and hosted by four individuals that humbled me with speeches that made e think: Wow, how far did these words go?
When what you write extends beyond your own words and become the owner of someone else, who identified completely with the phrase, not because the story or the events or the situation represented him or reminded him of his own experience. But more, that the words entered his and her veins and became his and hers.
At the moment as such, I can say that I am proud. I am proud of myself managing to get my words reach beyond a personal experience, and I am proud that people who can identify with me are there. The world of a human race that forcefully tries to connect with his humanity.


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