the disgraceful cultural scene in Palestine

This will appear like an angry blog, and it is undoubtedly so. I fully realize that reality is a mess. The Palestinian cause is only deteriorating into becoming a personal act of someone, anyone. This object starts and ends with one’s interests. One knits it by his own comfort and size. No norms, no values, no lines that differentiate between what is acceptable in the amount of a nation, a land, the people, the rights, the justice.

When the ministry of culture hosts in its cinema week, of course, we should be proud of having a ministry that screens movies. The stars of this year are the film directed by the Lebanese Ziyad Dwairy who directed a pro-zionist film some years ago portraying Palestinians as terror attackers inside the poor Israeli safe society . not only that , the Israeli gives Palestinians a life and the Palestinian, of course, betrays it . in that film, the Attack, the Lebanese actor was sentenced in Lebanon for the crime of normalizing and dealing with the enemy , and when he came some years later with his new washed movie case 23 with major Lebanese star and a Palestinian winning the best actor award, the euphoria of the prize took everyone by a coma , and it all became about art, not politics. The new film is not any better than the previous when it comes to portraying the Palestinians, it glorifies the Lebanese Kataeb led by Bashir Jayyel during the civil war in Lebanon, who collaborated with War minister then, Sharon. The Palestinian in this movie is nothing but another scum, which the Palestinian actor Kamel Basha played perfectly.

We can say this is all Lebanese, Arab affairs, but when it comes that we screen this in the “capital” of the Palestinian Authority, this is a disgrace.

The other hero of this festival is another well know zionist propagandist, Mohammad Bakri, who made fame in his Hollywood participations in films like the body ,and dishonor… playing entirely the role of the terrorist Arab Palestinian . not to mention that Bakri’s history is filled with Hebrew episodes in the Israeli tv, and he is honored by the Israeli government for his role in promoting Israeli art. his double face in playing Palestinian hero on the other side of this conflict should not fool anyone, and yet , he is suddenly the Palestinian icon .

I am looking at this, and I feel ashamed … it is not about these people. It is about us, people who go and watch and clap and support these creatures . and then they all come out and call for boycotting. They condemn normalization, and they really shout out loud free Palestine …

It is all so damn disgusting …

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