Battir : a piece of heaven in the claws of devil

Battir, a village on the outskirts of jerusalem , where the train to telaviv takes its path on the land of the ancient village that has traces of roman ancestry within its every path and tree….


  1. Nadia:
    I’m reading your blogs with great interest and marvel at your courage to say what you do in consideration of where you live. Sadly I cannot find a FOLLOW LINK anyway on your blog site such as I have on the top RH corner of mine. I would like to refer several people to your site, both men and women. Can you perhaps check that out? Shukran. Fred, Seafire Chronicles

    1. Thank you Fred , I don’t know how to help in the follow button . I thought it must be either on top or on bottom of the page. Since I am always on my own page I cannot tell how this works(((((

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