Oh Corrupt soul … I forgive thou

The news on corruption in Palestine is like morning gatherings for women’s gossip circles. You sip the news and chew it over a cup of coffee and a pastry and leave.

So today’s gossip topic on corruption is quite fulfilling. It is about the “judge of the Judges,” the previous minister of religion- waqf, and the infamous Friday Prayer preacher in the Muqata’a’s mosque.

Al Habbash….

names define those who bear them, undoubtedly…

Habbash in Arabic means someone who grabs. The man is a good grabber after all… we have to give him some credits too. He confessed…


So today, Palestine woke up on a leaked document from the president office. One would always wonder how this leaking system works over there. The leaked document was peaked one. The high official, sent a letter to the president pleading him, begging him, swearing to him, soliciting, crying . not only grieving, I almost saw the tears dropping from his eyes. He mentioned lots of tears as he wrote the letter to the president.

The letter that is addressed to the president, the father, the teacher, the model, pleads forgiveness from the Mercier, the forgiver, the glorified president, for the man has sinned. It was the devil who played in his head and made him commit those awful crimes. He admitted that he took with no right an amount that sums to almost three million dollars, and transferred them to Portugal. I don’t know why Portugal.. but…

and yes, the man did not confess to all the almost 3 million since some of it was given to him by some of his relatives in Saudi Arabia.

God… these people also have relatives who give them money!!!

Not only that, the man was crying asking for mercy in covering his other mischievous behaviors, that he swears he stopped doing after he left his position as a minister of religions.

And those illicit behaviors are nothing but a whisper from his sinning soul.. it is that damn Satan sitting behind his ears.

That is the story …

the anti-corruption committee has bee apparently investigating the highest level most respectable sheik and minister and personal consultant for the president.

and apparently, as he confessed, he is caught in a deep hole asking the president to forgive him.

the president will probably forgive him, and he will likely go to Portugal after he sells all that he stole here, and I will not be surprised if he will be the future ambassador to that country or any country they find him a vacancy in.

we usually blame for letting corruption leak in the “house of cards,” but apparently, knowing the president is a house of cards.

the man must have suffered as he was writing his pathetic letter soliciting for forgiveness for his sinful behaviors…

hopefully… the presidents know by now that the letter is leaked out …. and we (the naive) people read !!


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