Don’t Breach what you Preach

Well, I need to start by saying that I feel “philosophical.” living to meet our minimum standards of virtue can only be defined as philosophical in this life.

I have to add before I go on another important statement: I must be depressed.

When I get to the level where I find my eyes filled with tears on every emerging situation, it means I am dwelling on a depressive episode that is beyond me. Experience proved, however, that realizing, being aware, conscious, does not help in anything.

Life is proving that all the opposite is what is healthy for surviving life… not realizing, not being aware, and not being conscious is the recipe for a healthy life.

Sometimes things just start coming together. They interlink, mingle, and you cannot differentiate anymore from what is personal what is not. Social, political, work, family, the beggar in the street, the episode of a Turkish series, the ape movie, all start representing the same cause… the cause of life we breach with every slogan we preach.

the opposite of course.

There is so much to tell in this sense. Many examples come to my head in combat to take over their right to be represented. But then I think, how foolish it is to discuss anything.

We live in this double standards of life that we lie about it from the very moment we wake up. Maybe we are only truthful to ourselves when we sleep. Or maybe …

from the first moment we wake up, we start living our lives in an opposite direction of all that we preach.

we call for truth, and we lie

we call for justice, and we are unfair to all that is not related to us.

we call for virtue, and we behave like slaves

we call for efficiency, and we live in a consumer world

we call for freedom, and we shrink each others space

we call for expression and deny any impression that does not suit our plights

we call ourselves humanists, and we violate humanity with every breath

we call for love, and we are full of despise

we call for life, and we live for death

and then we put on the customs of prophetic preachers ,when inside us Satan has been embraced like a saint…



  1. We are walking contradictions, aren’t we? Just the other day in the airport, going through security and all of quasi humiliation of it, I realized what a fickle fan of Grace I am. That is, being on the receiving end of it. I’m good at giving “Grace” when everyone’s being nice, And appreciative and lovely. But not so good when I’m not being treated well. But that is the whole point of grace. None of us deserve it. We all long for it!

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