Et tu Assaf…our Idol…?

Since the eruption of corruption in the PA is insisting on being nothing but a false alarm of a volcanic lava that refuses to explode, today’s story of corruption might be of interest because of the names mentioned.

We are used to PA officials being part of all the misconduct, mismanagement, abuses, corruption… but to see the name of the Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf among those who have benefited from the vehicles custom exemption seemed a bit of frustrating. After all, this is a man that millions have been invested in him by most Palestinian ” audience.” he really does not need more benefits on account of the poor. This is a man who travels around the world to solicit money for refugees. The only people who should be exempted from such tax are supposed to be the disabled, and “diplomats and parliamentarians, and I guess ministers and know we have many of them.

But those who asked the president for an exemption seemed just clerks and people in high positions and of course Mohammad Assaf. I am not sure if he requested the exemption or it was just granted to him.

We are talking here about the relatively massive amount of money. I mean huge to people like me. To people who cannot even think of having such cars, and according to the report that was published a few days ago in al Quds al Arabi newspaper, such exemptions averaged from 40.000 dollars to 80,000 dollars. For God’s sake! How can a director in a ministry afford to buy a car with a customs fee of 40 or 50 or 80 thousand dollars? Or a clerk in the presidential office?

The problem here is being triple folded, the issue of corruption is just increasing and exposing it only makes the corrupt get rewarded. It will not be a surprise if the mentioned names in the report will become ministers soon. A couple of months ago, the head of Palestine TV was reported to the president with a recorded video having sex in his office with an employee who happened to be the wife of the man who complains. What happened to Assaf ( not the same Assaf the idol.. another )? He was promoted to a position of minister.

Some months before rumors around the minister of culture aroused, the man was given an additional portfolio, he was promoted to the national library portfolio next to his ministry.

A week ago, Habash the minister and the supreme judge of religion was obviously investigated in different corruption cases, and the result was that the presidential office denied the letter that was leaked.

Somehow, maybe some of the stories might not be entirely true. But the fact that everything is becoming o corrupt made us reach a level of complete distrust and frustration.

The other side of things is that there are more significant issues taking place, and we are roaming with these cases of corruption, university while the prime minister who is also the president of najah university, decided to take the union of university workers to court.

can one imagine that a prime minister is also a head of a college? how can he have time to do both tasks? Serieosuly?

How can  prime minister , i mean a head of university who is a prime minister as well, take the union of workers that are supposed to be under his protection to court? is it a surprise that hte court ruled to his benfit?

if this is not enough of a misery , Trump trumping that he will move the embassy to jerusalem…

yes, we know that gaem is over … but … like corruption cases we continue to think that we unfold… we need to react….

what can i say….

the drama here is this is not a piece of exaggerated information!!!!

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