Jerusalem the eternal capital of its​ people: Palestinians

Trump can think and say whatever he wants. He can plot and conspire. He can continue to walk his oiled path of Saudi and Israeli attempts to force their brutal, evil control over the region and its people. He can think that he can buy the PA and Mahmud Abbas with Saudi money and he can succeed in doing so.

Only a fool will miss out that Jerusalem is enlivened by people that breath it as their means of survival. The relationship between Palestinians and Jerusalem is not that of sovereignty or control. It is a relationship that is based on living itself.

It is hard to explain that to anyone who does not understand what it means to live your life striving a dream of a home. Home is your homeland.

Jerusalem is not just a city. Jerusalem is connected with its people. The stones of the city shine with the sweats of the people that built this city throughout civilizations. And somehow, conquerors came and left. We the people remained.

The fight over Jerusalem is a fight over existence.

It is a fight for life itself.

Trump and his tramps can sit up in those clouds and dream destruction and control.

We people of this city. Take it way to our hearts. To those blood vessels that connect our breath with life. Jerusalem is for its people.

And real sovereignty will always be for the people. It is not the coercive force of occupation. It is not submissive leadership that is drowning in its corruption. It is not a crazy Saudi prince believing that with his money he can destroy all enemies he perceives. It is not an arrogant American president that is racist and imperialist wishing to reclaim white supremacy with his ignorance.

Jerusalem is the cause that we truly live for, and could die for with no hesitation.

Jerusalem is the heart of every single Palestinian…. try to touch that heart.




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