Start a movement!!!!!!

I woke up with a message from a nonpalestinian international friend of mine saying: Tell your Palestinian friend that the time has come to conquer your land differently.”

I thought to myself; she should mean the minister of education since he is among her favorite smart Palestinian list _ You know diplomats’ style. As I was referring to his directions to the schools to have the students wear a kufieh and stand one minute of silence and listen to what the PA has to say I regard to the Trump new attempt to move the Embassy or declare Jerusalem as a capital to Israel.

She did not surprise me when she said that she meant another smart Palestinian who is now representing the PA in Washington. I thought to myself, how much of a coincidence is it that they are all alike, intelligent, so self-assured that they have the solution and on top of all egoists and self-centered.

I did not need to listen to what our representative to the US has to say. You need to look to these people once as a maximum to know that you will always hear the same words. The fact that the language does not change from this spokes-people from one position to another only proves that we are stuck in a limited square box of zero political advancements.

My friend was indeed provoked, and she said: You should start a movement. I thought even my diplomat sweet friend is prompted by the news of trump.

“it is the time your politicians declare one state, and you will be winning in 20 years.”

I was thinking, well, this is the only possible way, but what would we do with those couple of hundred who are benefiting from the status quo and they are becoming more prosperous and more influential?

the movement should be called: ” I want to go to the beach and travel through Ben Gurion” 

For a moment I thought, she meant she wanted to come here. Then she reminded me that I am arrogant enough to believe that the beach that I don’t like in Tel Aviv is a dream that can never be fulfilled to most Palestinians in the west bank. There is a generation of Palestinians who never saw a beach in their lives. A beach that is practically ten kilometers away in approximate cases in different places in the West Bank.

As we are standign on a dangerous intersection that will continue to minimize our rights and space n our land. Our politicians are still repeating the same speeches, the same tools that keep on to prove inefficient, with one right recipe of destruction to what is left for us as a nation.

Would a new movement be ever a viable act? We are lost in our path not knowing anymore what is viable for us as human beings in the basic need of our survival.

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