Israel’s pathetic need for recognition

So Israel was waiting for the American recognition for its sovereignty? And the American announced Jerusalem as the capital, and later annexed the Golan Heights, and in a full closure declared the deal of the century with Israel as a Jewish State and the status quo of annexations is what is left to what may be declared as a Palestinian State.

One should think of how defeated the Palestinian leadership is. How hypocrite the Arab countries crawling for normalization with the Zionist state.

And of course we think… it is all pathetic..Arab States seem to suffer from Stockholm syndrome, and the Palestinian leadership lives in a gaslighting syndrome.

But… there is more to the pathetic partners of the players in this game.

It is really pathetic to see Israelis celebrating the American recognition and were waiting for trump to give them sovereignty ?

It is amazing how when you really don’t have real ownership-a thief- you will continue to see recognition even when you are seizing it all ..

An occupier can steal , seize , even own… But can never feel home .

At the end, there is only one clear face to Israel : a colonizing occupation supported by colonial imperialism.


  1. I’m so sorry for you Nadia, this must be a devastation for you. How unjust the world can be. But keep your head up and be strong, amongst the turmoil find a way to have a beautiful life ❤️

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