Intifada.. 32 years later

it has been three decades since the first intifada, when in a day like this day, Israeli occupation forces killed Palestinian laborers coming from Gaza. An uprising that caused an explosion of emotional and mental oppression that lasted for three, four decades back then. There were no significant checkpoints, no walls, no fences, however, there was life under occupation, and no matter how one tries to humanize occupation, it remains as brutal, as the fight between humanity and evilness.

The sense of freedom, is not just about drawing barriers and suppressing the movement . it is about that feeling of living as a free human being. Israel never ceased  to be less than a force of occupation an oppression and suppression that is injected in every behavior. Racism, discrimination,and murder.

Today, thirty two years after our first intifada, it is not a coincidence that we are going back to square zero in this conflict. If we agree to call it a battle. I have to admit I don’t see it as such because an occupying force cannot be a conflict. Conflicts occur between rivals that share something in common. Israel has been an enforced external body on our people and our land.

I could care less about the historical and religious myths and stories that each side try to enforce as a background for his right. I understand only one thing. This land is to its people, and people are those who have been growing here with a defined root and space. These people are us, Palestinians; Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

Making this sound like a conflict over a land on the religious background is fruitless and meaningless.

The colonial world led by Trump likes and Netanyahu, and Arab leaders that remain to be nothing but sub-products of colonialism, can never understand or grasp what it means to belong to a place. I do agree that Palestine in general, and Jerusalem, in particular, is unique. The relationship of the people that live in it and know it is theirs, it is not a relationship of an immigrant to a new homeland or a needy to a nation-state. It is a relationship of belonging, of existence, of something that outreaches life itself, it is a matter of survival.

To be or not to be…

What is happening continues to be based on discrimination, racism, and theft. This is why Israel will never be able to claim ownership on our land. You cannot claim ownership on what you steal.

Well…. even when we Palestinian become according to the EU laws as anti semites.

The world only proves to be turning against itself .



  1. Hello Nadia and Gibbs,

    As one who has never traveled outside the U.S.theorizing on why Trump and Netanyahu took this clearly irrational path is constrained by absence of direct experience and discussion with people more familiar with the Israel-Palestine conflict. Our perception as to why basically boils down to their being in a somewhat desperate condition after the grand plans for controlling the Middle East through covert military operations using paid terrorist mercenaries has for all intents and purposes failed. Because those plans failed Trump, Netanyahu and the groups they represent seem to have come to decide that creating chaotic social conditions can provide certain acts of violence which can then be used as pretexts for escalation of war, essentially their only option left for controlling the Middle East, including all of the occupied territory – the original goals.

    Please help increase our understanding by sharing your experience-based thoughts as to whether that theory or thesis is to some extent accurate or not from your perspectives. Thank you very much.

    Jerry Alatalo

    1. being far from analytical, I think that Trump’s move is nothing but a recommendation from his zionist consultants, starting with Kushner, who is a fundamentalist believer in Zionism, it is a striking violation to UN resolutions on Jerusalem and a way to force facts on the ground for a final solution. Israel knows that Jerusalem is the heart of this land. or even the head , and sovereignty is a key point . a unileteral unification of jerusalem did not give them legitimacy for the last 4 decades. Israelizing the city and the people did not also give them real sovereignty. they are ruling with force, power and illegitimacy. Trump’s announcement can help them with their need to be legitimate by challenging international resolutions. I think what is happenning is isolating the U.S from the international platform. After all, the world is not just the middle east rulers that run after the sexy trumped family:)

  2. Nadia, Understanding English is your 2nd language, we point out perhaps when you wrote “Israel never seized…” the original intent was “Israel never ceased…” Trying to help … 🙂 You can delete this

  3. As a Jewish, New Yorker, and American I can tell you that we are deeply disturbed and profoundly ashamed by the actions of Trump and this Republican government. The vast majority of our country do not agree with or want any part of this insanity. We do not condone these unilateral actions by someone who is looking to incite violence and instill hatred. We are doing what we can to reverse this terrible chapter in American history.

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