Basel Jubran…An Arab that represents me

Amid all the disgusting reality around us as Palestinians specifically. Basel Jubran, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Lebanon, is a proud representative of what an Arab, a Palestinian should be.

Unlike the weak, disgraceful, shameful representatives of the PA …to start with the President and to follow with his foreign minister, who in their most represent an echo to Israel and the U.S.

Part of his speech  :

” Jerusalem is not for a Jewish god that expels a Christian god. And it is not a place for the struggle of gods on the ground. Our God is one and for all. Jerusalem cannot be a state for one side. And there is no place for unilateral among us. Jerusalem is for the jews, Christians, and Muslims. And we, the sons of Ibrahim and Isa and Mohammad, will all pray in Jerusalem. We cannot imagine that we allow Israel to prohibit us from praying Jerusalem. Therefore, I am not here today , in the name of Lebanon to condemn an operation of theft , and not to remind of an Arab identity that we  have created , and not to modify about a belonging that is intended to allude us into a struggle that is meant to divide us into religions and sects, into tribes and families, and transform us into a broken nation that can be easily humiliated and violated , instead of being participatory with its understandings and shared resources and sciences. I am not here to call for an announcement of a symbolic condemnation that will be mocked and erased … we are here because our Arab-hood does not give up on Jerusalem . and we in Lebanon we do not run away from our destiny in confrontation and resistance. … we carry Jerusalem identity; we don’t live except as free people. And we will revolt in front of every occupier and conqueror. Golda Meir wanted us to be a sleeping nation when the Aqsa was burnt in 1969, and we became a defeated nation, and some wanted us to be an absent nation and nonexistent, as a result of our lack of shared visions and the absence of an open ideology that unifies us. A nap that we do not accept, but we insist to awaken it within a unique Lebanese and connect it with an expanded orient. And we look forward a unified Arabism. We are from the Jerusalem identity. Our Arab-hood cannot be touched, and our status cannot be changed. …

We are here to regain our lost Arabism between Shiite and Sunni. And lost between west and east. and distracted inside an Arab Persian struggle, and pushed by illusion towards a common Muslim Christian fear while the Pope Shenouda and Mutran George Khider, father Wakeem Mubarak ( and other names) have carried the Arabism as their life plight …….the Arab patriarch realized that those wars.

All that is happening is a distraction from the Palestinian cause, from Arab spring to Shiites Sunni fights, and excommunicating and takfir, and exploiting minorities when we are all minorities in a way or another. Wars were created, and revenge was after that defeat in a transfer of an embassy and Judaizing of Jerusalem.
we did not come here to commiserate one another …. we are here to regain ourselves instead of losing it . and to restore our primary cause, the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian cause with Jerusalem as its capital, we should not just accept the recognition of Palestine as a state, or the diplomatic moves to continue attention, and not only to work for a Palestine that is with full membership in the UN. We have to submit immediate complaints about the SC, and each country among us should do what is needed to devote Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. I will, in the name of Lebanon submit to the PMC in Lebanon to call f….. we need to have a unified Arab decision against the move of the embassy of this country and others that recognize this. Starting with strategic actions and ending with sanctions
if anyone is asking about the effectivity of such a move, it is enough to remind the world of the Saudi Iraqi declaration in 1981 to stop dealing with the US on oil which forced them to stop all the moves to move the embassy to Jerusalem.
To regain the Arab pride and the revolutionary breath against oppression, and have one uprising in all the Arab countries. I don’t imagine a single Arab nation that will not come along this call. Our governments have gone ahead of us, and we became Arab systems that are so degraded that our countries don’t respect us. This uprising should not stop except with the full application of the Arab initiative peace.
I am here today, as the Christian by faith, lebanese by identity, the oriental with my belonging, the Arab with my identity and belonging. I stand here and call for a reconciliation of Arab Arab to regain our dignity and strength….
I call for
without Jerusalem there is no Arab and no Arabism…., let’s avoid the curse of history and avoid questions of our grandchildren



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