Jerusalem needs protection from the brutality of Israel

I am not sure how to put my feelings towards what is happening in Palestine and in Jerusalem in order. It seems all too frustrating. A state of injustice continues to overrule. However, that country of killing is becoming more visible to be seen. Four five, six are the victims of today. The martyrs that were killed in cold blood by the Israeli war soldiers. More than three hundred are wounded. And God knows how many are being arrested.

In Jerusalem the brutality takes a different form of oppression. Horses, beating, hitting violently, lynching and harassing passerbys. We can no longer sit on the stairs of the Damascus gate. These people are just scared to hell from our presence. Or I would say they are full of hatred and rage for our existence.

Practicing the simple acts of life is becoming the most impossible. Worse, is that increasing scene of having oppressing soldiers who are Arabs. It is so conflicting. I really cannot imagine what the heart or mind that exist in those people is. how do they expect it, and how can they really stand with a weapon facing their own people. Yes… maybe they are not our people. Zionism is no longer about Jewish people. Those Arabs have been in the loop of Zionism since many decades, it is only time that they pop up in forms of soldiers.

israel continue to prove that occupation can never have a human side. a state of occupation can only be state of terror. Terror is not only wearing explosive belts and a beard killing innocents. Terror is wearing a military uniform brutally abusing, breaching, killing unarmend people.

We in Jerusalem need to be protected from the brutality of this terror state of oppression.


  1. Simply put and very well said Nadia. Just remember that many Americans (especially expats like me who have lived in the Middle East and have seen how Palestinians are forced to live on a daily basis) fully support the freedom and aspirations of the Palestinian people over the brutal government of the Zionist State of Israel. Peace be with you.

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