Prostituting israelis in Jerusalem east..

A few months ago, two of my young Jewish students came to visit me in my place in Beit Hanina (East side of the city). On the soft train station, the security person stopped them, and they had to call me to come and pick them up because the security warned them that this could be a hazardous area for Israelis to be in.

Yesterday, I was surprised to see two young women stepping out of a car on the junction between Beit Hanina and Shu’fat, with one of them wearing a very short shorts and what looked like a strapless shirt or even just a bra. I was confused by the fact that we are in the middle of a freezing time of winter and these teenager likes are wondering like this. I thought she must be an American Arab visitor, even the though the weather thing remains hanging in my head. of course you cannot be a sane person walking on the main street of being Hanina and Shu’fat like this .. you could practically get eaten … or stoned!

Some months ago, I also decided to walk with a dress. A 46 years old woman with a relatively showing to my under knees part of my legs ( under not up) and I felt as if I was walking naked … I admit I felt young and flirty having all those honks following my walk across the road.

This morning my daughter called me with a frantic voice asking me to come an see what is happening outside the road. It was the same two girls, who according to my daughter were not Arabs because she heard them speaking Hebrew in the grocery store the other day.

The girls turn out to be Israelis.. what I a damn surprise. Wondering in this provocative way was not the only issue. I could not hold myself from going the two boys who were talking to them after they walked away: ” they are prostitutes who want to get f**** ” said one of the boys who did not give her his number.

I went to the grocery store to ask about them and apparently they have been walking in the neighborhoods for the last three days waiting for school children to come out. They wonder all day long, pick up some boys and then come back . ” they are sent by the authorities” explained the people in the stores. “what should that mean ” I asked.

apparently, it meant that the Israeli authorities bring these girls to our neighborhood to frame out and get information form young men through prostitution.

I called the police on the spot. The Arabic speaking policeman told me: “We know about these two girls. They are psychotics, and apparently, they will not learn until something bad happens to them. we will bring a vehicle to take them now .”

SERIOUSLY !!!!  I thought. Are you guys crazy to allow tow Israeli young women are walking almost naked on a winter Friday day in Palestinian neighborhoods? What will happen if they are kidnapped? Killed? Raped? Suddenly it is such a safe place !!!! NO RED SIGNS warning innocent Israelis from entering Palestinian areas or meeting Palestinian sub-creatures?

It is evident that the Israeli authorities are losing heads over toes I what is happening in Jerusalem. It is apparently too obvious now that they want to use all and any tools that are there to regain or gain rule over the people of this city. What is better than prostitution and drugs? It is a sure thing now what I witnessed some days ago in Damascus gate when it was flooded by drug addicts and a suddenly appearing young woman who according to the people there was drunk. A young Arab woman drunk in Damascus gate !!!! this can be closer to the after- the end of days- eclipse




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