2017 in books and more

2017 was not a splendid year. I felt I lost track of even myself. Fights, disappointments, loss, and as usual something out there on the verge of reaching… but not yet…

However, I managed to read more than 80 books, to close the year with another great piece of work by Haidar Haidar. I recieved a special news about my thesis on al ghazali, ibn taymiya and ibn Rushd and their women boing sited in some scholarly book.

My Jerusalem’s women is soon to be published in Arabic, and my second novel is on the way to be published (as soon as I finish my revisions). In the Shadows of Men should be out in English, and I have written articles consecutively through out the years ( 2 times a week).

The kids are growing to be as independent and as successful… Blossoming and nourishing…The family celbrated our youngest bride ( my youngest sister).

It was a good year of travelling and exploration, Antalya, Cairo, Cyprus, Berlin, Rome, Napoli, and closing the year with Istanbul was as fulfilling as the great city that Istanbul is.

Somehow I connected with old friends ,and I realized that some friends have vanished. I reconciled with some, and dropped in the backyard with some.

I reconnected with Jerusalem in a splendid and unique way . I felt like regaining my city.

coming back to books… I was so privileged and lucky to have read tens of remarkable enriching fulfilling novels along this year… some masterpieces of what is truly the best that can be read ..




  1. That’s a LOT of books. I think I read maybe 30 this year, and I went back and re-read some that I really liked from previous years. Isn’t it wonderful, this ability to read what we want? Not to be taken for granted, right? Happy 2018 to you!

    1. I realized that afterwords .. I actually had more assigned books to read and I became busy watching Turkish series ( as I became depressed))).. But being able to read is a real blessing ;

  2. Your articles are thoughtful and lovely. I hope you know many of us in the USA detest what our government is doing with Israel and Jerusalem. Keep the faith. Hope to get to know you better in 2018. Chris

  3. Nadia–I am enjoying your writing…thoughtful, heartfelt, and elegant. Please know that many of my fellow citizens in the USA do not support what our adminisration is doing with regard to Israel, Palestine, and Jerusalem. Keep the faith!! Hope to get to know you better in 2018. Chris

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