Mainstreaming of Racism in Israel

I participated in a discussion set by BBC Arabic in Jerusalem concerning “Jerusalem after Trump” and “The future of the Conflict.” I was appalled by the Israeli guest, who I later knew that he was quite known and serves as a political analyst on different forums in the media. I have to say he made me realize that the future of Israel is close to an end.

I felt victorious with every word he spelled out .his arrogance, racism, egoism, are just a perfect recipe for destruction.

When you get to a level when an Israeli intellectual and analyst bluntly plays with the propaganda of a forged history and demonizing (well the regular) of the neighboring country, and then trying to convince us ( the Palestinian audience) that the Arab world is changing into a normalizing world towards Israel and that this would be our chance. His terminology that he insisted on using, Orshalim, Yehuda and Samaria and the history of Israel with no ahl- dhimma treatment, and somehow he was proudly reading verses from the Qur’an. The man was in his full option of preparation for a one-sided dialogue, where he stands as the oppressor that we have to bow to with appreciation and gratitude. He was fighting the PA in an unstable discussion. Calling Hamas as a gang. Iran and the octopus enclaving . and the great Anwar Sadat.

Somewhere it was hard to stop him. In some instances, I thought he was just provocative, but very soon it was apparent that it was him . it was all that he had actually. It felt like putting his recorder on. He reminded me of our politicians.

I felt Israel is very close to home!!!!!

It is cynical when the face of occupation reveals itself in diplomacy. It is a massive factory of people like this man who are trained to speak and ay what he says. A mixture of forged history and picked up details from here and there to make him look knowledgeable of “us.” Precisely like Palestinian politicians speak about Israeli politics and public and are convinced that they know them better.

This Israeli man made my day. He is waving with the recipe of the destruction of his state. You look at him, and you see another face of a Da’esh fundamentalist. A Netanyahu production of fanatic approach where Netanyahu appears like an amateur. The future of Israel is going to this mainstream of the public. When Netanyahu becomes left, and this man would be the soft right.

It sounds outrageous; I have to admit. To see this Israeli voice. It is the real voice of the Israeli public, and this is what makes it shocking. From one side, that person was speaking about the strength of Israel. The significant relationship Israel is creating with its neighboring Arab countries. And from the other hand, he was crying over the Jewish loss of lands in those countries. He was on a recruiting mission against Iran, and tried to convince us that the PA of Ramallah is not taking the right chance for peace and that we should live happily and gratefully inside the only democracy in this region, and somehow we should have a specific sovereignty with no military, because the ” gangs” of Hamas will kill them . And of course, Israel has to stay very strong because it is surrounded by Arab countries that hate it.

Of course, he kept emphasizing on history, the history of Israel, the democracy, and I almost missed his warning to the religious minorities who are killed elsewhere but are kept safe in Israel!

This whirlpool of information that felt like fox news from one side and hateful racist fed education that we see in the Daesh and sisters schools.

I am a firm believer in people. As much as I believe that no matter what Trump says, or Netanyahu, or whoever tries to impose. No matter how weak and corrupt the PA is. At the end of the day, the real power is in the hand of people. We proved it many times. What happened at al Aqsa last July is one example. What happened in Nablus and Jenin is another current example. People want to live in peace, but at the same time, they know the limit of what they can bare and what they cannot. People are not entirely absented from what is going on.

On the other hand, the Israeli public is at more significant risk. If this is the media engine and language, and if this person is the mainstream in Israel, then Israel is not any different than the Islamist extremists they support on the borders of Syria. It is the same school of hate education and expulsion of the other . it is the school of racism. It is a time bomb. IT can never last.

While a man like this, insisted in sitting on the active side of being an occupier, that he doesn’t even think of as a fact. As long as Israelis are not admitting that they are occupiers, the path towards peace is far. At the end of the day, this land is for all its people, Jews, Christians, and Moslems. And yes, they are Palestinians. This arrogant man who was proudly talking about his history is likely coming from a polish origin when the ancient history of his nation that he knows about is expected linked dramatically in Poland and not here, but yet, he enjoyed talking the language of the oppressor in an Arabic speaking tongue.

I was looking at him, and my head was taking me to the scenes of the announcement of al Baghdadi to the creation of Daesh some years ago. Back then I thought, oh God, this is a joke. I could never believe in it as a real thing. However, it became real as a result of a long old school of preaching hate and racism. Correctly, like the school, this man is bred from. It cannot stay for long….

Of course, there was no discussion about a future solution. For him, what Trumps said is just a mere truth. We are better off with Israel, and enjoy the benefits of living under a democratic “Occupation” ( of course he does not see Israel as an occupier). A language of superiority, under grading the others, and racism as a key to his big world of the living.


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  1. Hello Nadia, Thank you so much for this insightful post. Hasbara is the lifeblood of Israeli society, an enormous investment in sustaining the Big Lie that explains and explains and explains the ever larger lie. I listen to the voices of such apologists and am appalled, but listen anyway because I know the truth behind the slaughter of the Nakba when they assumed the colonial role from the British. I talk to those who seek to explain (the Hebrew word hasbara) the web of myths —
    The invading Arab countries warned them to leave their homes (and to leave the keys behind).
    That the Mediterranean coast was a hopeless swamp before the geniuses arrived.
    Those mistranslated quotes from the Quran that are endlessly reported by “scholars”.
    That Islam is inherently violent.
    That if they didn’t listed to Hamas that Israel would not carpet bomb via Operation.
    That the Naksa was not a second occupation but their only option.
    That the insane Apartheid wall is a symbol of peace (now a model for Trump).
    That their theocracy is a democracy.
    That Gazans shop in a modern shopping mall and sleep in luxury hotels.
    And on and on.
    Thank you for your voice, Nadia. Truth is on your side.
    طويل يعيش فلسطين

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