Egypt horizons…time out between history and reality

It is undoubtedly that the GREAT civilization in this Country left no place for more to offer for Millenia to come… however …people here have one of Akins way of living that is really beyond ordinary thinking .. it leaves you with wide laughing eyes in total disbelief .. is this real? You ask yourself with shock .. and just a few miles later it turns out to be just the norm….

So you are peacefully watching the beauty of the Nile and the landscape the boat passes by when you hear noises from the sea… people talking and you are in the middle of the water it could not be !! But you are in the land of the temples of all the gods… everything is possible.

Too young men in a small boat hitched somehow with our boat and simply calling out for their merchandise to sell.. I was beyond belief … I just loved it with mixed feelings of happiness and fear .. maybe empathy and appreciation… it felt unique and unbelievable. But less than half an hour later sellers were on the deck trying to sell in the same style . Throw the product .. you catch .. you bargain and then you pay… a very organized operation.. all this takes place in the seam of passing the boat from the channel to the other side of the river . In that moment , boats start to smuggle from one side to another and what was an unbelievable scene became part of the whole equation of the place…

It still feels amazingly creative … funny … in many ways sad ..thinking of the dangers , risks , the non-stoppable attempts to sell… any cost ..


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