Egypt horizons…between animals and people…modesty is the key

The animal lover inside me cannot but react especially in front of a dog. My dogs suffered for too long justice Luc by with me In a neighborhood inside a city in a country within a culture that looks at dogs as impure. In Egypt it should not be different . Something I always bow with respect whenever I visit turkey is the status of dogs and cats there. I am will be a happy street dog living in Turkey . Clean, comfortable and very well fed. I strongly believe that a country with such treatment to dogs and cats is a country that builds human beings.

In my country , the moment the dog passes by someone’s side a big scream is heard as if a monster appeared or a plague is hitting in the area. Some months ago , they announced for a prize in Gaza for 10 shekels for each dog that is killed.not many years ago , all the street dogs in Jericho and other cities were poisoned to death.

I did not expect dogs and cats to be better treated in egypt , where it is really hard to feel human beings, but yet, despite the miserable situation. Of humans and animals , animals, in the case of dogs had the privilege of life . That dog and his tribe in alKarnak probably were here since the Pharos. They as the people are not Pharos anymore , but they live with n the accepting fact of life turbulences with modesty that is unbelievably overwhelming .. it makes you forget all the annoying things you pass by or endure. You pass by a starving dog and he still sits in-front if you peaceful .you talk to people , pass them by, you always find welcoming and appreciating gestures … you cannot but think that at the end it is always about people …. and animals.


  1. “Equal consideration for all” including animals. For me, this philosophy means all sentient being. Looking down on, or treating animals badly is a reflection of the person’s ignorance in understanding love.

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