A mother Son dialogue

My son: Mom I was just laughing today during my Drawing exam.

Me excited: good.. why? ( after all, I was telling myself, this is where this boy expresses himself with liberty)

My son: I was just thinking about all your empowering words, about me being talented in drawing. I just could not but crack from laughing.

Me: you are ! ( inside me I am saying.. thank goodness he finally realized)

My son: I was just having a flashback of memories. Looking at the drawing, myself: I was just doing. Looked around other students work and to myself: Damn.. this woman has been playing in my head for so long convincing me I am talented, and all what I can do ( after a real course ) is this four year old retarded like drawings.

Me: silent

Me with a message later: You are talented. Actually, you are a natural.



Some years ago, while I was having a mother-son conversation with my son over the phone about the gossip, the criticism from the family …. about me after my book. he suddenly said: I need to go now. I want to draw something.

less than half an hour later .. he sent me this …. saying : I named it the nadia .


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