Forging history: Silwan

For God’s sake , I ask myself , who wants to have Silwan I told my Israeli friend? I agree to give it to you.

He stopped me with anger and said : no you don’t want to give it to us. Because it is not Silwan we are aiming for , its up there , the Temple Mount and of course everything else !!

For an instance , this whole judaisimg attempts to make Silwan the first stone of Jerusalem and of course its prehistoric Jewish existence, you think that these people are really into finding history . Well, this history is inside a neighborhood of what might be 40 or 50 thousand after historic creatures- Palestinians-Arabs- and an Aimed to space inside the old city where the Jewish quarter is expanding , and over there inside that city another 30 to 40 thousand Arabs are there and no more than 3 thousand Jewish settlers managed their way there.

So demographical change cannot happen , we change history…

It is almost disgusting to see, hear and feel the non stop rude brutal attempt to dehumanize under the name of humanizing an existence to prove an inhuman existence of force..

Israel can continue to recreate stories and invent history ..

We are here …

history Will keep rewriting itself but people… real people will continue to be.


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