Silwan tunnels.. holy Roman sewage that is judaised ( above)

Too much irony for one day … I admit.

We made a tunnel tour of Silwan . Under the ruins of a Roman city ( old Jerusalem – David city) that an take the visited directly to the Wall, surrounding the Aqsa ( al Buraq – western wall).

There is something about this city that is by all means beyond anything any history tries to invoke. This is a city of a civilization that made history continue to exist . From kanaanite to Hellenistic to Roman to Islamic ….

It is so disturbing to see how your history is distorted into pieces of robbed stones and even sewage tunnels the romans built in the 2nd century And miraculously touch base the Wall adjacent to al Aqsa… needless to mention, all this runs under al Mughrabi quarter that was demolished completely in 1967

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