War…bang bang

War…..bang bang

My sister is in the U.S, sending messages in the family group : the war has started . The mobile buzzes non stop … a message after the other , a like , a wow , a sad , a oh my god , a heart , an angry face ,…. and all the instant emotions one can have .

My mother responds: where where ?

My sister : on CNN , my toddler is watching it !

This is a real very serious chat . A war declared and happening and those in the country don’t even feel it and those in the country engineering war games are watching it on CNN

We are really living in surrealism.

This all reminded me instantly in Dalida’s most painful song ever bang bang that preserved a planet of stardom for her forever… bang bang … the world cheered out !

It’s war …. my toddler nephew is cheering out watching CNN … this boy will not accept a bang bang plastic gun with a recording of fake noises anymore . He is watching the real thing live and guess what … it is fun and exciting and the boy is actively interacting .

Welcome to the war games in the news studio of America.

Should I get myself into an analysis for this bang bang ?

The monstrous Iran that Netanyahu has been warning about lecturing and crying over its threats is hitting the occupied Syrian Golan Heights !!!

For god sake , even a beginner scenario can do better .

Netanyahu succeeded again in shifting the attention of his people and the world from his corruption case that led to called by for an election and of course would result in his prison , and he only knows that digging in his files will show a lot more than the champaign bottles Sara accepted and the recycle by money the Netanyahu keep from the state and the son’s tramping a prostitute .. and of course some serious trade deals running among family and friends.


I deal between all the side was cut to hit in an empty area ( still Syrian though ) ( this is what makes this irony worse) to keep the face of Iran lifted in responding to the Israeli attack last week.

And my nephew and the children of the white continent can enjoy a high ride in front of the screens.

P.S 2

My conspiracy thinking mentality insists that those folks ( all who are involved in arm trade) need to finish their loaded with weapons and armory share houses as a new futuristic technology is about to take over, and they need to empty all the stock .

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