Aching… but hopeful in a generation of believers

Jerusalem is bleeding tears… I do t think there is worse of a scene to ever capture this city as the ongoing violation and forging of history .

A world that is watching quietly and maybe with excitement enjoying the Israeli crowning of a land that is occupied and distorted with injustice and racism .

However, at the very same timing , a new generation of high school graduates is paving its way to the future.. I was watching the graduation of the Frere college in Jerusalem yesterday and I could not but believe strongly , that as long as we are having such young men and women paving their way ahead , we have hope.

There is so much to describe and to relate to , within such a crowd of a generation that is taking their life seriously. They know what they want and have clear ideas of what they refuse and above all they understand that peace cannot come without justice .

I was so proud as I was watching an interview for Malak, a young woman I had the pleasure to be part of her growing up , and a friend of my daughter, a graduate from yesterday’s class of 2018 , who has been accepted to George Town university . Hearing Malak proves that with such a generational holding such believes , we will be safe . Malak who speaks out for justice as solution knowing clearly how to make a difference in understanding life based on imbalance of power.

Somehow , on another setting it was Yasmina my daughter , who was sitting on the stage waiting for her name to be called as the graduation ceremony was taking place , just before they started the ceremony she came up and was given the microphone to say an unplanned she each of a few sentences , in many ways changing the schedule and the plans … and probably irritating to some… but talking about justice, she saw an unjust moment and she stood up for it. She could not but dedicate a thank you message to the school principle (vice) ( Mr.Issa Deeb) who has been working with them hand by hand, step by step along the last years … and it is in many ways thanks to him they are the confident strong men and women of today. I felt proud to see my daughter making that step with courage and standing proud and confident to thank her mentor..

This is how a future is a better place …. with a well educated , confident, proud, moral generation that can stand up for their own people and land (

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