I am not sure if Florence Nightingale was killed while saving lives. I am not also sure if she was as young as Razan al Najjar when she died.

Razan Najjar, a 21 years old paramedic from Gaza was shot to her death yesterday in the Friday, facebook March of Return.  She wrote facebook page that she will Return no matter what they do … and somehow her Return was different.

I dont know if any word can sere the purpose of reflecting emotions hear. But it soring and aching …. with each word that attempts to leave my brain .real pain and feeling of loss accompanies my hands.

The photos and the videos of Razan, the beuatiful angelic face of paramedics was unable ot rescue more lives on the line of fire in the deadly shootings of the military brutal occupation.

This young woman spent the last two months in a remarkable bravery, attmepting to rescue wounded demonstrators on the line of confrontation on the borders of Gaza. She faithfully beleived that her white uniform will protect her from the aimless bullets of a hateful enemy .

her faith  failed her or chose her for a better place?

thinking that there must be a better place up there in the hands of God, remains to be the only salvation in a desperate attempt to make meaning for this life and meaningless deaths.

Words insist on failing me…

may all those lives that are perishing for freedom find a free place in heaven…

and may their heroic actions reflect on our passive, depressed lives with inspiration for a day that may come when we are all live in freedom.

May Razan and her fellow martyrs rest in heavenly peace.





  1. Oh what a painful n tearful event.I salute brave girl Razan Najjar.Allah may give peace her soul n increase the numbers of many Nightingales as Razan.

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