Palestine: An Inferno for le Miserables

As I am occupied reading, re-reading, listening to commentaries and lectures of Dante’s Comedia, I cannot but stage our life in the different layers and levels of the Inferno.

Was Dante’ so wild with imagination to describe and illustrate how punishment could take place. How each category of people will be designed in its own piece of hell?

Or was life just life …. the same life of living creatures who have not changed since thier creation ?

I ws stuck for a while in imagining our reality in context with the Miserables, that image of misery eating Miserables. Miserables feeding on miseries….

Now, it is beyond misery and le Miserables… it is an inferno … an Inferno for those creatures among us who fit in conveniently and apparently feel well with it.

If Dante was alive .. he would have made a special Ttragedia not a Comedia , with the divine undoubtedly resigning .

While of cours,e the Divine will be busy distributing people between Inferno and Paradise, Palestininians will be busy in confirming their level i the inferno that will take them to a lower level .. In Dante’s lif,e he would have created a level very donw and called it Palestinians.

While Israel systematically kills and controls the land and the people . we are fighting over who is fasting and who is not . While people in Gaza are perishing as a result of a brutal seize , we are fighting if the martyr is Fateh  or Hamas. If the salaries are paid in half or in full. If the next president is the son or another fellow strong man.

An Inferno of le Miserables




  1. I am from Gaza, so I feel well your expressive meaning…..and I cannot add more. You catch on the suitable image.

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