The continuous defeat of being Arabs



At some point, the Arabs need to admit that there is something existentially wrong with their mindsets. It is not coincidental this state of consecutive defeat.

With nations that have no severe achievement or hope to grab, football remains an essential reflection on reality, and at the same time, the Arabs comparison is justifiable _ Sarcastically_

Between Russia’s world cup and Gaza’s war.

Hoping for a triumph Arabsleagues, mainly Egypt and specifically Salah. And waging conquests of burning kites and blown condoms (the substitute for balloons in Gaza ) while F16 and rockets are adding more destruction to the already destroyed Strip.

Salah, the Egyptian soccer player who became more famous than Kim Kardashian and Haifa Wahbe for his memorable goal in the finals. A talented young man, with serious expectations to compete in the best soccer teams and whose name is already competing with Ronaldo and Messi. But football is the game of the unexpected… while playing with Liverpool on Europe’s Cup, Ramos from Real Madrid gave him a harsh stroke that split his shoulder. The man was thumped, and all expectations for a quick recovery would only be a soft dream. But yet, the audience, and the team, and the nation insisted that he recovered. He even insisted and joined his nation’s team to Russia.

As in Arab mindset, man becomes an idol quickly, and a superman combination with Zoro and the Matrix are applied to the new god… Mo Salah.

One watches the game and keeps praying (that is what we Arabs do ) that the man does not get another blow that will paralyze him forever. Salah, however, knows and is worried, apparently, and he gives a very modest contribution.

And imagine.. this is a game .. a nation that relies on one injured man in a game that is more combustible than the game of thrones.

Something about Arab football that should be considered seriously.. we can only play 45 minutes well. Something magical happens and a real curse takes place, they may believe that the second half is a friendly half…

Anyway.. it must be coincidental, that this is what we see in all Arab matches… and even though billions of prayers were performed to support the Arab teams, somehow God did not listen…

A very normal consequence in performances that are based on little training fights among clubs and officials, poor environments, and focusing on idolizing one on account of all…

In Gaza…. While oppression and seizure and killing are apparent and need no clarification. Israel went together with the USA as far as withdrawing from the HRC so that they get out of responsibility. As if being in that council will hold them accountable.

Palestinians who are brutally killed, abused, oppressed, seized by the Israeli occupation, suddenly turned into internal fights over salaries, and occupation which is harming the grounds and the skies of Gaza is freely violating all aspects of life to the strip and is stretching its violations around the west bank, with demolitions and arrests ,and killings when possible.

Israel is responding to the kites with rockets. We Palestinians are proud of burning a few trees that in our holy war turned into forests.

Israel extends its victimizing situation in defending itself, and we Palestinians are declaring victories in numbers of trees that are burnt, while the destruction of Gaza and its people is taking place…

And we are watching….

Then we wonder about our state of defeat…

And I will be accused of being too harsh ….

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  1. Nadia,
    The solution will not be found in violence. If Israel, with all of its military strength and destructive power has not managed to force a solution how then might the Palestinians, who have pretty much been abandoned by the world (except for when they supply an excuse or act as a tool for others to achieve their own goals), how might they turn violence into an effective tool FOR REACHING A LASTING SOLUTION?

    We (those that truly believe in the right of ALL to live meaningful and full lives safe from persecution and prejudice, in freedom and with a real possibility of making their dreams come true) must join together in rejecting violence as a means of achieving goals. It is far past time that we all reject all forms of violence. Violence always effects the innocent bystander much more than those that propogate the violence. Too many innocent lives have been lost and will be lost if we don’t put an end to it.

    There can be no comparison between the death of any one person and the burning of 100 trees. One life is worth more than all the gold (or trees) in the world. But that doesn’t make burning trees into an efficient or successful tool to bring an end to violence, it is just a less efficient form of violence.

    There are Israelis who are deperately looking for Palestinian partners to find a just and lasting solution to the conflict. I am a member in one such organization that is trying to do so.

    Can we work together to stop the madness on all sides of the fence (Gaza, Israel and the West Bank)?
    I sincerely hope so.

    Yours in peace,

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