The Deal of the Century…What the hell is that deal?


I am about to ask a serious question. What the hell is this deal? Ever since Trump became president, we have heard about this century deal. Trump is creating the century deal. Kushner is making trips to advocate for the Century Deal. Abbas is resisting. The egyptPalestinian leadership is opposing. Arab countries are warning Egypt is silent.

The Deal will be revealed after Ramadan. The deal is out there. Kushner is back. Prince William is touring and eating Falafel. Abbas will not meet Americans. Ramallah is cleaning the city for the American visitors.

The locals are mobilizing themselves to move against the century deal. An analysis is provided about the pros and cons of the deal.

A demonstration is taking the streets. Nasrallah warns the deal has already started.

What the hell is the deal?

why don’t we have one official come out and tell us what the hell this deal is?

Maybe it is right after all? Perhaps it is tragic? Perhaps this is what we want ? we are opposing a deal that we have no idea about … except for rumors and speculations from media elsewhere, and the insisting of the Palestinian leadership with its so many promised leaders to come out and warn about the deal.

This deliberate negligence in ignoring the public by addressing such critical issues is nothing but a signal of an ongoing disaster that we continue to live in. When the leadership does not respect its people. When this leader only uses slogans and hides information. When this leadership only serves as a coordinator for the services of the sustainability of occupation, it is natural that whatever is happening is nothing but a consequence of a more prominent ignorance from our side, when Oslo was imposed, and we continue to be in vague about its content.

But the difference now and then is where the problem persists to be something else. Back then we did not know, but Oslo and its accords are out there for everyone to read and see now after thirty years, and we still do not bother to see the reality of that deal.

Those who formulated Oslo, are the same who are expressing the Century Deal. They know well that the mob has fish memory and a few slogans with words they like can pass a deal.

the problem continues to be in us, as much as it is in our leadership.

We cannot blame ignorance when we insist on preceding with the same dynamics of mobilization. We continue to allow ourselves to be used and manipulated and then wake up on a catastrophic reality where the Palestine we live in no longer exist except with a few letters that comprise no land ., but maybe the Ramallah planet and some chunks for the surviving species of those philistines.

It sounds even ridiculous to claim to be a kind of knowledgeable woman who is deeply involved in societal issues and dare to ask about the reality of this deal. Of the content of it . of anything that is damn true about it. All that we need to do is to be patriotic enough to go out and demonstrate against this deal…

ya.. we can also demonstrate against the seize on Gaza…

It is such a mess to be part of a life that no single thread of hope can be pulled to get us out of this hole of the dump.
How come everyone is reacting to a “supposed” leakage and not a single leader is coming out to explain…. and God.. we have so many leaders awaiting their turn to take over the old man’s lead.

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