The Jewish Nationality Law is the best of Israel

The scene of the Arab Knesset members tearing the declaration of the approved law on Jewish national identity of the State of Israel seemed like the shocking surprise of school students who were mad for the result of the exams. Never realizing that writing too much on the exam paper does not mean that you are writing what is required. The report does not reflect necessary comprehending … So seemed the scene in that mockery instant of another failure.
I am not trying to be sarcastic here, but what is surprising, or better stated, new?
The PA officials were racing with their condemnation statements: The Law is racist!
What is Israel other than a racist existence?
Israel was created to be the home for the Jewish people. All good and okay ( not for us, of course) .. well, a sentence from my grandmother passes my mind now: we thought they were coming and leaving!
Israel is a democratic state …for the Jewish people.
That is the best expression I have ever seen about Israel.
It is a democratic state for the jews… Arabs are the conquered species of that war. The only loser in this new law is the Arab who held tight to the tail of Israel and believed that he would get equality based on Justice. This same justice created Israel on the destruction of land and expulsion and massacring of people and an ethnic cleansing that continues until this instant.
Only fools believe that you can build equality through a system that does not see you but an unequal.. a goy… Arabs in the Israeli mentality of statehood are nothing but necessary ( temporarily) “slaves” for the masters they become.
Is it another model of the Apartheid of SA? Well, it has been evident from the first moment.
Occupation and freedom do not mix. Freedom under injustice cannot exist.
It can only serve as a blurring notion for the fools. Moreover, for those “democratic” regimes who need such acts for propaganda.
In reality, we were always fools to seek justice through a system that existed in our lives and insist on surviving on our remains.
Israel plans a continuous ethnic cleansing that may realize itself in the programmed state in Sinai on the Egyptian land. Sarcastic enough to think that the JEWISH state of Israel quickly gives up on Sinai… The place was Moses supposedly spoke to God!
Going back to the 21st state of the Jewish people, the model of the U.S is, by all means, the easy to adapt model. In a world of racism, when white is distinguished from black. Immigrants are treated like thugs, and radical views of fundamentalism are the winning seats on parliaments and governments worldwide. Israel is priding itself, and its creating states about its status as a Jewish state only defines reality and put it in perspective. No state solution that includes a one or a two or three. It is just one apartheid state, Israel.. being called Jewish or anything .. APARTHEID is what stands before this state.

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