The White Helmets and the Black intentions underneath…Exposed 


They seemed too good to be true from moment one. Rubbles, destruction, killing, barrels falling from the sky, wounded children and superhumans dressed in white come out and start rescuing the victims of the dictator regime of Assad.

one video after the other, it became more convincing that these people are not humanitarian in a country suffering the was we are told Syria is undergoing.

The fact that these human angels can only come to the rescue of victims suffering from the regime side made it more of suspicious.

Heroic stories, conferences, prizes even nomination to Nobel prize for peace made them the stars of the gloomy sky of the Syrian war to the west.

The “rescue” of hundreds of the white helmets from Syria by Israel to Jordan until they transfer them to asylum countries that helped them fake out the tragedy of Syria, only proves one more time, how criminals run our world.

It is no more extended rule and law. It is all mafia led countries (apologies to mafias) that maintain destruction of other countries and the case of Syria is only one.

A case of mass destruction and overwhelming conspiracies from all directions with different and any mask. Nusra, Daesh, Islam Army, White Helmets and whoever is paid with weapon and money to kill in the name of overthrowing the Syrian regime and in the meantime destroy Syria.

I don’t know if it is just luck or about time that truth is revealed. After millions of Syrians becoming refugees and killed. A whole civilization that pioneered the cultures of today from east to west was destroyed cruelly under the name of overthrowing a regime that is a dictator, with masses of outlaws and betrayers that continued to kill the land and man.

Syria is a living example of the hypocrisy of the world, and it confirms another time the dirty hands of colonial powers from Israel to the states brokered by Arab regimes continue to take this region to destruction.

The exposure of the white helmets brings to mind the end of the Lahd militants who collaborated with Israel against Palestinians in Lebanon. A term that is only worthy for those who sell their people to colonial powers …




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