Ahed Tamimi stardom of Heroism and the eclipse of everyone else

Before I start, my problem is not with the young woman\ teen Ahed. On the contrary, the girl always impressed me as a child, and I continued to like her resistance with her family and villagers in Nabi Saleh. Somehow, a different flavor in the way we introduce resistance. And above all, the girl is strong and, of course, charming.

For many reasons, Ahed resembles a new image for resistance, and she is lucky her pledge has been heard and got attention. But Ahed is not a star, nor is she inside a contest or a live TV competition. She is living under occupation, where her pledge is the pledge of millions of Palestinians. When resistance becomes one person, then the problem starts. When prisoners issue becomes the attention because of Ahed, there is a severe issue of hypocrisy in the society at all its levels.

Where are those voices for all the prisoners who are perishing in jail for resistance?

Where are those voices of support for prisoners who leave, prisoners who are tortured, prisoners who are deformed like in the case of Ja’abees?

The rush of all to go and be part of Ahed’s stardom and take a picture next to her. Her visit with her father to the tomb of Arafat. The reception Abu Mazen held for her in the Muqata’a. Not to forget, of course, that her mother was arrested with her and was released as well.

So what is it about Ahed that makes her a good pick for media and politicians and parasitic beneficiaries?

The girl is daring and enigmatic, but she is not anything more than her young age and innocent looks of overwhelmingness.

Some months ago, a year maybe, a younger female prisoner was released after a few months of detention. The eyes of horror in the teen’s eyes tell all the stories of what it means to be locked inside a jail. To be a child stripped away of your childhood.

Ahmad Manasra lost his childhood in jail.

Tens of stories of breaking hearts of children in the Israeli jails…

While the feast is over, and Ahed will become a teenager dreaming for a university alone, after securing a good result in the final exams, for the privilege of Jail, and many offers to study for free.

Can Ahed become a Malala?
In an ordinary place, she can carry on the fight for freedom Malala represented….. seeing the crowds behind her …can only put her in one of the few options in the easy access to power in this place. She was used by those who will benefit from her until she becomes another icon that reflects the reality of the Palestinian abused resistance.

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