My Book Reading Challenge

After Kiki and banana and bucket challenges, and of course many others that my attention did not grasp, I decided to enter my own challenge. We live in a free space of challenges after all.. or so we think.

I am not hopeful about having my challenge becoming a trend of course. I am a terrible campaigner, after seeing what happened or did not happen in the Schmidt’s school German association management did by giving away a heritage of generations while everyone is looking carelessly with no sense of even empathy .. I do understand that of course.. lives have been sabotaged I this place, why would mummified animals matter?

And the time I was flying with my imagination seeing kite running all over the world in peace challenging, and they turned into Molotov inspiration…

somehow, the way the world runs and I don’t really mix well.

Anyway… reading remains the only sane thing I can do together with writing.

So, after discovering the audio reading, reading became more comfortable, especially avoiding carrying a book while driving, or looking for it somewhere your hand put carelessly, or merely finding ten minutes or eventually free wasted hours that you can fill your mind with effectively.

Ok.. since August is my month, and I was born on the 20th, my reading challenge will be reading 20 books in August. I will think of a problem for September afterwards…

here we go,

I already read a few…

1.The Stranger, Alber Camus

2.Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco

3. The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

4.The Plague,(ongoing since it is paper)

Suggestions are open for good reads )


  1. 20 books in one month is a nice challenge. People thought my 100 books in a year was unbelievable, but I have averaged that for about 15 years. Now, I am amazed, 20 per month would be nearly 250 in a year. Best wishes to you.

  2. Reading challenges are wonderful! Check out my new post of my 50 classics goal. I also have suggested title from any of my Reader Round Up posts. Happy reading!

  3. I hope you enjoyed Camus as much as I did when I read it. A few more suggestions for you:
    – Patrick Süskind: Perfume
    – Françoise Sagan: Bonjour Tristesse
    – Matt Haig: How To Stop Time
    – Ian McEwan: On Chesil Beach

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