Hamas continues to collect the ​victory

Israel announces a seize fire

Lieberman, the war minister, resigns


Israelis in Sderot settlement and Ashkelon take the streets in protest for the seize fire. Who would imagine that the poor Israelis suffering from Hamas rockets do not want a seize fire for their safety!

Some Palestinians, of course, don’t want Hamas to take the grip of any victory in this situation, it is either a scheme between Israel and Saudi Arabia to allow Saudi Arabia to continue its massacres in Yemen!!!!! or it is Hamas hideous plans to seize a moment of some gains for future negotiations with Israel!!!!!

Yes, I know this is what sounds like baloney.

As a Palestinian, who believes in resistance as the only way to claim rights in a difficult situation as vicious as occupation, I look into what Hamas did as a package of different victories. First and most importantly is regaining the trust of the Palestinian population. Second, among all those accusations of administration of resources in Gaza, and corruption, somehow knowing that the investment is at a continuous peak on militarizing resistance is by all means important versus the massive investment in pausing military in creating a multi-level policing bodies that fight resistance in the west bank.

One cannot blame Hamas for spending money on the Qassam and other military factions, while more than one-third of the PA money goes to the security factions.

Of course, Israel got mad in this, and more restrictions are encountered and enforced, among them was a statement from the police announcing that anyone that will post the soldiers in duty places through posts will be sentenced.

Palestinians from the other side have encountered self-censorship from both sides, Palestinian authority and israel. In this sens,e there is a common enemy Hamas.

It is sad to be afraid to express what you think of Hamas if it was of any positive commenting or intentions. And ti is dangerous on both ends, i have to admit that the fight on some Palestinian level is fiercer.

While Netanyahu turned back from his trip abroad on the morning of the invasion, Mahmoud abbas were paying tributes to Kuwaiti government for their losses from the floods.

while Israel cabinet gathered in its most top levels, the PA had another normal day, with an announcement that Abbas made a call to condemn.

The Palestinian representative at the UN condemned Israeli entering Gaza undercovered!!!! as if it is ok if they entered with their military uniforms.

There is a disaster in the Palestinians called leadership…..

No wonder Hamas continues to rise with victories. …

of course, there is no need to mention the Arab countries who were rushing secretly and publicly in defense of Israel

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