Struggle to survive or survive in struggle

Tens of villages in west Bethlehem are strangled in what is called the Etzion block. No matter how one tries to ‘beautify’ life under occupation. Survive in whatever possible way. After all life is not just a mere choice.

We also try to digest the story of those settling colonialism g on every breath we take , but then you look into this systematic strangling where they make sure you do not take your last breath and keep l you alive …. merely alive.

Today , on a visit to al Khader village , where farmers heroically insist to maintain their lands by ploughing and planting in a desperate attempt not to have it swallowed inside the non stop swallowing of settlements . Soldiers surrounded the place, ids collected, the owner threatened not to be allowed permission to plant again… the crime was having a cameraman!!!!!!

Actually they said there was no problem but yet , photos of the settlement may appear and this is security risk!!!! My way was insisting to pretend that all was as fine and continued to take photos ….after all… we are the owners of this land and the beauty that it keep reflecting in front of our eyes is a continuous proof that justice will prevail one day


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