Hollow basin in the name of the holy

Hollowizing jerusalem inside a so called holy basin is what jeruslaem future looks like inside a Sad forging of reality and history .

While Palestinians and Arabs were busy on weeping for the loss of the West Bank in 1967 , Israel a few years later in 1971 decided to make jeruslaem walls national park and in 1979 a settler organization called road was given excavations in the old city and it started in Silwan in what is called today the city of david.Ten years later jerusalem was declared through the Israeli basic law in the Knesset as the capital of Israel.

The motivation of excavation in jerusalem has been always religious based even though it was always claimed under archaeological means.

In the last two decades evalengical Christians also joined the Israeli settlers / government in excavations.

Israel claims some sites in jeruslaem and surrounds in within what is called the holy basin.

In al Tory ( abu Tor) Sambuski cemetery a very small cemetery in the 19th century .

The prophet tomb , is named after a prophet that nobody knows but eventually Israel is considering him Jewish.

In every place el ad association is everywhere in excavations and holy claimed sites.

The extension of holy sites from the Temple Mount to what is called the holy basin is exactly like the expansion of settlements around Arab neighborhoods .

There is only one synagogue in the old city

Shiloh pool , the excavations started in 2004 . The pool was known to the locals.

In Christianity it is believed that Jesus cured the blind in it.

A whole path inside the basin that is managed by a settler organization is a bloody hollow path in the ‘hell’s Valley’ of jerusalem .

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